Kedibone facing life's challenges

Published on 12 July 2016

We cannot shelter Kedibone from all the nightmares in life but we hope, as her extended family, that we can guide her through the difficult challenges she is facing.

Our journey with Kedibone began eight years ago. The James 1:27 Trust and Lefika (a youth empowerment organisation) conducted a survey at schools in a community in Stinkwater, Hammanskraal to identify the most vulnerable families in the community. Kedibone and her family were identified as extremely vulnerable. The Trust started a process called virtual adoption where we match vulnerable families with sponsors who partner and support organisations caring for families. This includes financial, emotional, social, educational, physical and spiritual support.

Kedibone is facing many challenges. Currently, passing matric is a major issue for her since she can only study Operational Safety and Site Management if she passes her matric exams. However, we are impressed with the way in which Kedibone is living in a simple room paid for by the Trust. We are also helping her find ways to become more financially independent. We are proud that she is rebuilding relationships with her family and finding support in prayer and attending a local church. We cannot shelter Kedibone from all the challenging realities and nightmares of life, but as her family we can help and assist her with important and necessary resources and direction for the future.

The Trust as it applies our life cycle philosophy to Kedibone’s story have been able to move her from emergency relief, rehabilitation, development to autonomy.  At this level we want Kedibone to be financially self-sufficient, making independent decisions and interacting as a functional adult with society.  In addition, she is also a mother with all the responsibilities that go with such an important role.  At present we are busy building a small vendor business for Kedibone where she will sell paraffin stoves to community members that don’t have electricity.  We hope that Kedibone will also move from the autonomous phase to one of reciprocity where she will give back to the Trust as together we care for her family and other vulnerable children in her community.  In truth, we are very proud of her and consider her an important member in our Trust family.